Broadcast Engineering launches specialized training

Broadcast Engineering magazine in December began offering a series of specialized Web-based training courses for broadcast engineers and operations staff.

Developed with OBOR Digital, the courses are designed to introduce new technology, solutions and operations to younger staff members, while providing more experienced staff members with a structured and thorough review of the offered topics.

The initial set of offerings includes:

  • IT for the Broadcast Engineer (Part 1) — An introductory tutorial focused on the use of IT-based technology in a television, broadcast, satellite or network facility.
  • Waveform Monitors — An introductory course for master control, production and network engineers and operators, covering training in proper use of waveform monitors.
  • Vectorscopes — An introductory-level course designed to instruct operators and engineers on the proper use of vectorscopes and key measurements.
  • Fiber Optics for the Broadcast Engineer (Part 1) — This course covers basic principles of fiber-optic transmission, its advantages for video transmission and key terminology.

Each one-hour course is a self-paced, complete program accessible from any computer with Web access. Training modules include multiple sections covering each key aspect of the course, with both audio and visual presentations. Animated graphics increase comprehension and retention, and the training may be started and stopped according to the student’s schedule.

All courses are prepared by industry experts and former broadcast consultants, who understand, based on their own experiences, what’s required to operate production rooms, master control centers, newsrooms and network facilities.

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