Liman Video Rental Offers Fujinon HD ENG

Liman Video Rental has recently upgraded its equipment cache with HD ENG and Cine-style lenses from Fujinon-- specifically the HA13x4.5BERM wide-angle and HA18x7.6BERM zoom ENG-style lenses, and the HA13x4.5B-10 wide-angle and HAc15x7.3B-10 Cine-style zoom lenses.

Rush-HD, a U.S. extreme sports channel, is using the HA13 wide-angle and HA18 zoom ENG lenses for its programming. NHK in Japan is also using the HA13 for its U.S-based programming, according to LVR.

According to Manhattan-based LVR, the HAc15 zoom and HA13 wide-angle have been used to shoot three music videos. The rental firm says the Fujinon lenses have minimal breathing, ease-of-use, and very little chromatic aberration, and all the lenses are rugged enough to withstand the often-rigorous regimens of field work.