Brazil chooses Japanese DTV system

Brazil has adopted ISDB-T, the Japanese system for digital TV. The country plans to introduce the system in September, according to the Brazilian Folha de S. Paulo newspaper and reported by Dow Jones.

The Japanese system was chosen over the European and U.S. alternatives because it would bring more advantages to Brazil and the major local companies involved in the sector, said the report.

At press time, the decision had not been officially announced.

Presidential Chief Of Staff Dilma Rousseff and Communications Minister Helio Costa have met with Japanese businessmen in Brasilia to negotiate an investment package. Japanese officials have already promised investments of $2 billion to set up the infrastructure needed to implement the system and plans to build TVs and equipment for the new system, according to the report.

Lula reportedly said one factor in the choice of the Japanese system was that it would allow a longer period of transition from the current analog system.

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