PTC Disses “Dexter”

The Parents Television Council is urging CBS not to air “Dexter,” the crime drama about a forensics expert who leads a double life as a serial killer. The program originated on Showtime, the pay cable network, in September, and CBS announced plans to start airing episodes Feb. 17.

“The PTC has documented a pattern of adult-themed content migrating from premium cable to syndication on broadcast TV; and we are seeing a migration of graphic broadcast TV content from the 10 pm hour to earlier and earlier times of the day,” the PTC stated in a
press release
. “But ‘Dexter’ is undoubtedly the worst example of this disturbing trend. This is the first time that such a graphic program has gone from premium cable straight to primetime broadcast television.

“While parental responsibility is always the key component of a family’s healthy media diet, CBS must grasp the magnitude of the harmful role it will be playing by airing such a violent and disturbing program on its broadcast network.”

The PTC, which generated many of the complaints that led to record-breaking FCC indecency fines, called on its membership to lodge their objections with the show’s sponsors and local CBS stations