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Bottoms up: Here’s to the potential of HD imaging

A new forecast from the Millennium Research Group in Waltham, MA, forecasts that the adoption of true HD camera systems for use in endoscopic procedures will be a major factor driving the value of the video device market in the United States and Europe to more than $2 billion by 2011.

According to the researcher, the ability of HD technology to sharpen images captured during surgery will revolutionize the U.S. and European video device markets. In 2008, the combined value of the U.S. and European video device market is expected to be more than $1 billion, meaning the forecasted growth will double the market.

In the United States, sales of HD camera systems are expected to completely replace those of SD three-chip camera systems by 2010, according to the researcher. In fact, HD-formatted devices will become the new standard of care for imaging in U.S. hospitals. Although adoption will be slightly slower in the European market, HD devices will still dominate new endoscopic camera system sales by 2012, the researcher said.

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