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Books: Through the Viewfinder

To be published late autumn, Through the Viewfinder is aimed at people wanting to be top television cameramen. Author and former TV Technology writer Jeremy Hoare reveals the secret; it is pragmatism and passion, not just technical expertise but story-telling.

Jeremy delivers an authoritative look at operating a television camera — based on over 20 years experience looking through myriad viewfinders for a major British ITV network company.

Based on interviews with colleagues, a few stars, producers, directors and fellow-cameramen, all of whom he has been privileged to have worked alongside, this book is a highly revealing portrait of what happens behind the scenes. It looks at television production from a cameraman's point of view, as well as distilling Jeremy's own wisdom; knowledge gained through the various ups and downs of a life behind the camera.

Through the Viewfinder is published by ETNow.