Blu-ray Sales Mostly Mirror Standard DVD Titles

While standard DVD movie titles sell more than 12 times as many Blu-ray Disc film titles in a typical week (and Netflix revealed this week that only about 6 percent of its subscribers rent Blu-ray content), the top 10 titles sold tend to be largely the same between both formats. This appears to hold true for both newly released 2008 theater films, as well as for newly released older titles of movies dating back years or even decades.

For example, among the Top 10 Blu-ray movies sold in the week ending Oct. 11 (listed below), seven of the same titles also appear on the latest standard DVD Top 10 list for the same week:

  1. Iron Man (Paramount)
  2. Sleeping Beauty, 50th Anniversary Edition (Disney)
  3. The Happening (Twentieth Century Fox)
  4. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Sony)
  5. Transformers (Paramount)
  6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Universal)
  7. Sex and the City: The Movie (Warner Bros.)
  8. The nightmare Before Christmas (Disney)
  9. The Godfather Collection: Coppola (Paramount)
  10. Batman Begins (Warner Bros.)