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Blu-ray Revenue Share Bobbles in Mid-teens

Movies on Blu-ray captured about 14 percent of overall video-disc revenue totals, coming to rest in familiar share territory that's been hovering in the 10-16 percent range for months.

While the share percentage is rather typical, the fact that Blu-ray's revenue was below its take of the same week a year ago is not. The 1080p format's revenue was about $19.5 million for the week ending June 13, according to Home Media Research. That was down 2 percent less than a year ago.

Standard DVD's revenue totaled more than $123.3 for the same week, which represented a decline of more than 34 percent from June 2009.

Overall video-disc title sales also were down, nearly 31.5 percent from a year ago, at $142.9 million.