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Blu-ray Movie Revenue stalled at $20 Million Weekly

Sales of both Blu-ray and standard DVD movie titles were down in mid-May, compared to the same period a year earlier, as Blu-ray barely passed the threshold of $15 million in U.S. title sales for the week ending May 23.

That represents about 12 percent of all video-disc sales revenues — a level that the 1080p format has more or less hovered at for the past several months. There have been drastic, short-lived exceptions — notably when Blu-ray revenue soared over the 20-percent mark, albeit momentarily, in the first week that "Avatar" was released in disc a few weeks ago.

Blu-ray's take of $15.13 million for the week was down more than 27 percent over a year earlier, according to Home Media Research. Standard DVD title sales (more than $112 million) were more 37 percent over a year earlier.

Overall video-disc sales were down 36 percent, as total revenue came in at $127.5 million for the week ending May 23.