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Blu-ray Disc Sales Hover Below Five Percent

Sales of Blu-ray Disc packaged content continues to register very low numbers among all disc sales (including standard DVD)—only about 4 percent, according to Nielsen. Retailers and manufacturers are hoping for a major spurt in the upcoming holiday sales season, but the turbulent economy in many parts of the world is hampering any healthy projections for Blu-ray titles and the prerequisite new players to view them.

According to Rentrak, here are the top 10 Blu-ray title sales for the week ending Sept. 27:

  1. "Sex and the City: The Movie" (Warner Bros.)
  2. "The Godfather Collection: Coppola" (Paramount)
  3. "Transformers" (Paramount)
  4. "Speed Racer" (Warner Bros.)
  5. "The Forbidden Kingdom" (Lion's Gate)
  6. "Leatherheads" (Universal)
  7. "Batman Begins" (Warner Bros.)
  8. "88 Minutes" (Sony)
  9. "Deception" (Twentieth Century Fox)
  10. "The Nightmare before Christmas" (Disney)