Blog: HD Movie 'Closing Escrow'

Here's the latest blog in a periodic series centering on the production of the motion picture Closing Escrow , (HD Notebook, July 27 & Aug. 31 , 2005). The movie will be a SAG Modified Low-Budget Feature that will be shot entirely in HD in the Los Angeles area beginning this weekend. This week's blogger is the movie's producer, Kristen Cox, the president/CEO of 16X9 Productions:

"Our first day of shooting is approaching fast and as a producer, I haven't been this busy, excited, frantic or nervous in a long time. Last week we conducted a tech team meeting to determine the final equipment list necessary for the production. Since our movie will involve a lot of improvisation, our director, Armen Kaprelian, is naturally concerned about continuity.

"The solution is an Apple G4. A Sony HDCA 901 attached to the back of the Cine Alta Camera will feed an SDI signal to a Miranda which will, in turn, feed a signal directly into the G4 via Fire Wire. Armen will be able to look back on specific scenes at will, to determine continuity, energy levels, dialogue, and to just generally get a good feeling about what's been captured.

"During our recent Tech Test, we determined the look we wanted for the movie. I'm not going to give out our secret recipe but I will say that the appropriate filters and sundries are almost all at the ready. One final shopping trip and I think we're there. The rest of the week we'll be finalizing locations, getting call sheets out, shopping for wardrobe elements, signing employment contracts, setting up payroll...What the heck am I doing writing to you? I've gotta go!"