Blockbuster to Rent Hi-Def Discs at Regular Prices

Blockbuster video rental stores, which have seen a decline in business in the past couple of years from Netflix (opens in new tab) and the growth of cable VOD, will soon begin to test HD disc rentals and sales at about 250 outlets in the U.S.

Participating shops, however, will carry only about 40 titles each of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD releases, according to Video Business magazine. Rental prices on both next-gen HD formats will be the same as the chain's standard prices, typically about $4 per new release.

The selection of only a few dozen test titles was the result of a careful selection process, according to a Blockbuster spokesman, who said the company is currently scrutinizing where and how well Blu-ray and HD DVD players are selling.

Launched two years ago to compete with Netflix, Blockbuster Online already offers HD disc rentals and sales, as does Netflix.