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Blackmagic Gear Part of Numerous Sundance Film Festival Titles

Blackmagic Design Sundance Film Festival
(Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

FREMONT, Calif.—Blackmagic Design is part of the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, announcing that more than 35 projects in the festival’s lineup used one or some combination of Blackmagic gear to help bring their stories to life.

Projects that used a Blackmagic camera and gear during production included “Passing,” which used the DaVinci Resolve Studio, UltraStudio Mini Monitor and UltraStudio Mini Recorder capture and playback devices, as well as the Mini Converter SDI Distribution 4K, Smart Videohub 20x20 router and Videohub Smart Control panel. “R#J” and “Users” filmed with the Pocket Cinema Camera 6Ks, while “First Date” used both the URSA Mini 4.6K and Pocket Cinema Camera.

“Land,” which is the feature directorial debut of Robin Wright, used Blackmagic’s Fusion Studio and DaVinci Resolve Studio for VFX. Other projects to do so included “4 Feet High,” “The Blazing World,” “Mayday” and “On the Count of Three.”

The DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio were also popular for post-production work, including by “Land,” “Bruiser,” “A Glitch in the Matrix,” “Jockey,” “The Pink Cloud,” “Together Together,” “White Wedding” and more.

For a complete list of Sundance projects that used Blackmagic gear, visit the company’s website