Bitcentral Products Target Small Market Stations

Bitcentral has announced the release of new versions of two of its workflow and content management products that are designed to meet the needs of smaller market television broadcasters. The new versions of Precis and Oasis workflow and content management systems have been optimized for smaller stations that want to transition news operations or institute HD content delivery.

“Bitcentral was originally founded on the idea of supporting the small independent stations that have become the vital information nexuses of their communities,” said Fred Fourcher, Bitcentral’s CEO. “We recognize they want their own tailored solutions, not ones created for much larger stations or groups. We understand their budget pressures and desire to serve their markets to the best of their financial and technical abilities. Our new configurations will provide them with the flexibility and pricing to migrate from a tape-based workflow to today’s digital formats.”

The new product versions include software, hardware, installation services and training for station personnel. Sizes are available to suit a wide variety of needs, from remote bureaus to medium market stations.