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Bitcentral Deploys MAXedit for Precis

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MAXedit Server Edition
Bitcentral, an Irvine, Calif.-based provider of news production systems, is deploying the new MAXedit Server Edition from MaxT Systems with its Precis 4.0 News Production System for two CBS affiliates.

The systems will be deployed at Fisher Communications stations KBAK in Bakersfield, Calif., and KBCI in Boise, Idaho. Bitcentral recently endorsed MaxT’s MAXedit Server Edition as a complementary editing solution to its Precis system workflow. Having certified and integrated MAXedit with Precis, Bitcentral offers the combination as part of a turnkey news production system.

With its server-based design, MAXedit lets customers set up a scalable, multi-seat editing environment without the need for specialized workstations or a dedicated network infrastructure. MAXedit expands newsroom productivity without increasing capital budgets, while reducing engineering and maintenance costs. MAXedit supports all broadcast video formats. It complements Precis—which manages the tapeless HD/SD news production workflow from ingest to air—spanning media management, editing, and archiving. Precis’ support for file transfer to a station’s server combined with MAXedit’s distance editing capabilities enable reporters to begin crafting their stories from the field while the news team in the station can share and edit the same file-based media for the fastest, most streamlined path to air.

"These new systems are a quantum leap from tape-based production to a highly efficient, file-based news workflow," said Lee Wood, Regional Director of Engineering, Fisher Communications. "While migration to tapeless and HD production is an expensive, daunting challenge, Bitcentral is making the transition easy and cost-effective. As the broadcast news business becomes more competitive, these two systems work in tandem to help us streamline costs, increase productivity, and attract and retain a loyal audience."

Also included in Bitcentral’s turnkey news production system sales to KBAK and KBCI was MaxT’s Sledgehammer, a high-performance network storage device that provides a centralized online raw media repository with maximum sustained real-time streams. Sledgehammer can be accessed by any editing system. Designed for demanding applications, such as broadcast news, Sledgehammer is already in use by many Precis customers as part of their tapeless news workflow.