Bigger Broadcast Fees Proposed to Pay for FCC Move

WASHINGTON—The Federal Communications Commission is moving and must cover the estimated $44 million expense through its fee structure. It proposed its increased fee structure in a May 19 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Comments are due June 20 on Docket No. 16-66. Replies are due July 5.

“The proposed regulatory fee rates for FY 2016 include $339,844,000 for operational expenses and an additional one time amount of $44,168,497 to offset facilities reduction costs, i.e., to reduce our office space footprint and/or move the FCC office location if necessary,” the commission’ Rulemaking states. The accompanying chart shows the proposed increases for broadcast TV licensees.

Washington-based media attorney David Oxenford writes that this “one-time expense results in a major increase in the fees being charged. While the increased fees are a one-time expense, there are certain to be complaints from broadcasters when they see the size of the increase in their fees to be paid this year.”

Oxenford provides further details on both TV and radio licensee fees at Broadcast Law Blog.