BigBand Debuts HD Bitrate Adaptation System; Partners With Triveni to Deliver Off-Air DTV

BigBand Networks Inc., a provider of broadband multimedia routing systems, has created RateShaping, a bit-rate adaptation system with HDTV capability that enables a 50-percent gain in channel capacity when carrying HD.

The company's Broadband Multimedia-Service Router can use RateShaping on three simultaneous HD feeds over one 256 QAM, which until now could support only two feeds. The BMR also supports combinations of HDTV and SDTV on the same QAM, with both types of feeds adapted by RateShaping.

Cable operators will be able to use RateShaping to maximize provision of content and services over existing bandwidth and avoid costly rearchitecting of their headends. The module works with HDTV feeds sourced through satellite or terrestrial transmission, and is compatible with 256 QAM and 64 QAM modulation.

Big Band is also collaborating with Triveni Digital in comarketing and developing an integrated, standards-compliant system that enables cable operators to deliver off-air DTV broadcasts by combining Triveni's ATSC-Cable StreamBridge metadata groomer with the BMR's digital broadcast functionality.

The StreamBridge is an automated system that provides PSIP tables to cable networks from DTV signals. The BMR interfaces with the StreamBridge, and grooms resulting video and data content onto the cable plant by creating multiplexes combining SDTV and HDTV, with RateShaping bit-rate adaptation as determined by the operator.