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Big Players Involved in Conan’s New Workflow

K2 Summit and K2 Media Client
When America’s favorite redheaded late-night host returned to television this past November, it was on the wings of a brand-new production workflow.

The system resides in a studio at Warner Bros. Studios’ Burbank lot. Broadcast facility installer NEP Broadcasting set up Grass Valley hardware including numerous K2 media servers, three K2 Summit production clients operating ChannelFlex, three K2 Dyno replay controllers, a K2 Dyno production assistant and a 180x256 Trinix NXT router.

The studio can use the system to iso-record nine cameras and control live replays, and the content is instantly available to edit. A K2 Solo media server is also ready for playback of key/fill materials

West coast-based systems integrator Key Code Media designed and implemented the post production platforms, as well as supplying the 96 TB K2 SAN storage, K2 BaseCamp Express and Apple Final Cut and graphic workstations.

Post systems are real-time with production, and the edit-in-place functions allows producers to ready segments for air as they are being recorded.