BHV Broadcast unveils compact Callisto-U micro switcher

BHV Broadcast's ( Callisto-U Micro sub-miniature broadcast SDI switcher is one of the world's smallest, weighing 2.5lbs and the size of a micro audio mixer.

It measures 7.7in wide by 5.7in deep by 1.8in high, making it ideal for applications where space and weight are at a premium. The three-input SDI unit is a "broadcast-quality" (SMPTE-259M) 270Mb/s video switcher that can handle fully asynchronous (unlocked) inputs in a mixed signal format (SDI and analog) environment.

The program and preview outputs are available as both SDI and analog composite with 10-bit processing throughout. All three inputs are fitted with synchronizers allowing for freeze-free bus cuts. The switcher has live program bus cuts, industry-standard editor and automation protocol, GPI and RS-422 remote ports and an analog composite inputs option.

Operationally, Callisto-U works in conventional program/preview bus mode. Installed functions include auto wipe (multiple patterns with normal/reverse, color border and soft edge), auto dissolve and auto fade to black. Callisto is dual-standard 525/625 and offers 4:3 or 16:9 (letterbox) blanking. The extensive menus allow the user to tailor the operational modes to suit individual requirements. An internal TSG provides EBU bars and other test signals.

Callisto also features a Web server option with external browser control and input three has an analog input option. Callisto can be controlled via industry-standard editor protocols GVG-100 and GVG-M2100, and has a full complement of assignable (take/ftb/source select) GPI functions and GPI outputs.

BHV Broadcast is the sales and marketing arm of Brick House Video, designer and manufacturer of award-winning compact and cost-effective equipment for production and post-production. A full range of rack-mount and portable analog and digital switchers is available to accommodate any application where space is at a premium.