BFE completes news production project for HR

German systems integrator BFE has completed a new news production system for Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Core components of the news production system are from ENPS, Aveco and Pixel Power, with data exchange using the MOS protocol.

HR has used an ENPS newsroom since March 2001, and it remains at the heart of production in the new environment, providing the primary interface for all journalists and the underlying technical infrastructure.

The MOS protocol, originally developed for ENPS, was the logical choice for control and information exchange. Because ENPS supports multiple MOS versions simultaneously, Pixel Power and Aveco systems could take advantage of MOS 2.8 without compromising existing MOS 2.6 communication with the Avid editing network.

Aveco’s Astra automation was extended to handle a fully template-based production operation. User-defined storyboards of the news shows now serve as Astra templates, with settings such as timelines, device behavior and effects automatically created.

Astra also controls complex scenes with multiple DVEs, multiple keyers, audio mixers and camera robotics. A control panel allows a single operator to control an entire live news bulletin.

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