Beyerdynamic offers new camera receiver

Beyerdynamic is now offering its KE 800 camera receiver. Designed for professional camera applications, this UHF receiver is rugged, portable and easy to operate.

In broadcast situations, where time is often a factor, the KE 800 can be a timesaver by automatically selecting the right transmission frequency for each situation. Using its automatic channel targeting function, the KE 800 searches for an interference-free frequency to transmit via infrared to the matching handheld or pocket transmitter of beyerdynamic's Opus 800 and Opus 500 Mk II wireless systems and locks in the frequency.

The KE 800 comes equipped with an LC display that indicates the battery level of the transmitter, frequency and channel, squelch, AF and RF levels. Due to the LOCK-function on the KE 800, transmissions can be protected against inadvertently pressing buttons. Accessories, such as adapter plates to connect the receiver directly to camera slots of Ikegami or Sony cameras, turn the KE 800 into a universal tool.

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