Bexel Sets Up Fiber in Pizza Hut Park

FRISCO, TEXAS: Bexel recently completed a fiber optics and triax overhaul at Pizza Hut Park, home to Major League Soccer team FC Dallas. Pizza Hut Park needed a significant upgrade and Bexel said it responded by correcting and installing more than 160 Triax connectors and 400 ST fiber-optic connectors over the course of one week during the height of soccer season.

“Prior to our involvement, Pizza Hut Park had problems that developed over time since the stadium opened in 2005,” said Andy Berry, project manager for Bexel Fiber Solutions. “While we were initially contacted to do a test and certification of the stadium’s cable plan, we discovered that many of the connectors and cabling from the truck compound into the facility had issues. After consulting on the specific issues, we were asked to get the entire infrastructure up to a working capacity. The goal was to use the existing triax cable, create a patch point in a central Telco room and establish enough paths out of the 72 total triax to power the show cameras.”

The 140-acre facility is used more than 300 days per year and hosts an estimated 1.4 million spectators and participants annually. Working with WJHW Consultants, Bexel came up with a solution that would provide a comparable amount of triax equivalent to an NFL stadium--securing good tie lines from the truck compound to the entrance of the building and installing a cross connect panel in the closet where cables come into the building.