Best Buy’s Insignia to Brand HD Sets with Internal Blu-ray

Best Buy’s Web site in recent days has begun listing an HDTV set/internal Blu-ray player combo that lists for about $600, far lower than the typical price points of many standalone HD sets only a year ago.

Although as of late September the combo unit was not yet ready for shipping but would be “coming soon,” Best Buy indicated that its house brand, Insignia, would boast a 32-inch 1080p panel and built-in Blu-ray player (model NS-LBD32X-10A) for price points about $100 more than a comparable Insignia 32-inch TV-only model.

While the economy-minded unit will have few bells and whistles — and likely come in at 60 Hz refresh rates, which are, after all, what most existing HD sets in homes contain — it must provide 1080p quality because Blu-ray Disc technology is 1080p.

According to Best Buy, the HD set side of the combo will offer a near-180-degree viewing angle and a couple of HDMI inputs and a contrast ratio of 4,000:1 (20,000:1 dynamic). As for the Blu-ray player itself, no specs have been posted yet.

Whether or not a 32-inch screen is large enough to fully appreciate Blu-ray over standard DVD video/audio (on a 1080p panel) could be in the eyes of the beholder.