Belgium TV charts course with Curious World Maps

In a bid to revolutionize the process of creating maps for transmission, Belgium’s commercial television industry has embraced Curious World Maps version 2.0 from Curious Software as a modern standard for all news and weather broadcasts.

At many stations, the software has replaced outdated methods of map production that relied on several software packages.

Vincent Jeumont, head of systems and projects for one such station was first introduced to Curious World Maps at IBC in 2002. His station, RTL-TV1 in Brussels, purchased the software earlier this year and has already found it to be a vast improvement in terms of quality and ease of use.

VTM (Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij), also based in Brussels, is another commercial station that’s recently taken advantage of the Curious World Maps’ extended features.

Like Jeument, Kristof D’haene, producer of VTM News and Current Affairs, was first introduced to Curious World Maps at IBC. VTM also had the opportunity to demo the comprehensive features of the software before purchase.

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