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BeckTV Completes Expansion for The Switch’s New York NOC

CEDAR GROVE, N.J. – BeckTV, an Austin, Texas-based television system integrator has completed expansion of the New York network operations center for The Switch, a nationwide provider of customer-controlled video switching services. BeckTV oversaw the original design and construction of the NOC, which launched in 2012, and returned to increase both the capacity and functionality.

BeckTV replaced the NOC’s 90-degree arc of monitoring systems with a 180-degree arc to double capacity, allowing operators to look at multiple feeds via multiviewers at each station. The upgrade also allows The Switch to implement new technologies and services, including a move to 4K production and 4K transmission capability, as well as integrating an alarm system that allows operators to view any network issues and a new “home run” camera service for sports production.

The Switch continues to work with BeckTV on a second NOC in Los Angeles. The new facility will be staffed 24/7 to operate in tandem with its New York counterpart in a shared-control configuration. The Los Angeles NOC is slated to open later this year.