BBC Taps S3 Group to Optimize Multi-Device Delivery Platform

DUBLIN: The BBC is using technology from S3 Group for automated testing of its BBC iPlayer for multiplatform delivery to devices ranging from connected TVs, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, tablet devices and others. S3 Group is a Dublin-based systems integrator and developer of testing products.

Originally launched on the Web, the BBC iPlayer has since expanded to a multitude of consumer devices, all of which need to be tested. StormTest Development Center allows for automated testing to be carried out more efficiently and effectively by testing these multiple devices with different test scripts simultaneously for interactive applications, embedded firmware, and digital TV solutions.

StormTest Development Center also provides centralized resource management, where testing slots can be pooled across systems and sites, as well as centralized reporting and results management.

“BBC is a true innovator in the deployment of content to multiple devices and is well-respected as a company that deploys cutting-edge technology. We’re proud to be part of the team that helps deliver excellence to their viewers,” said John O’Brien, CEO of S3 Group.

“Our StormTest portfolio has proven to be capable of validating many content delivery platforms and this partnership shows how automated testing is crucial to delivering quality content. As the multiplatform viewing experience is increasing in popularity, StormTest is helping to enable and validate its success,” O’Brien continued.

StormTest Development Center is used by more than 25 digital TV operators, broadcasters and vendors worldwide.