BBC Broadcast selects ATG Broadcast to integrate storage, archive system

BBC Broadcast has selected ATG Broadcast as systems integrator for the central storage and archive system to be installed in Broadcast Centre, West London.

In the initial phase of implementation, D10 format files created using Omneon Servers under Omnibus control will be transferred to a 50 TB SGI disk array from which they can be accessed from a Quantel Digital Production Village. The 50 TB of storage will represent several weeks of programming.

A 200 TB ADIC Scalar 10K Archive Library controlled by Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive Hierarchical Storage Manager allows files to be archived either as a manual process or according to archive rules set within DIVArchive. It will be possible to archive files from multiple Playout Servers to the Library, enabling programs requiring repeat broadcasts to be ingested once only.

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