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Baltimore WB, FOX affiliate install world’s highest power analog, digital depressed collector transmitters

Ai's Quantum depressed collector IOT transmitter is field-proven. De-ionized water-cooling eliminates all of the hazards and pitfalls associated with circulating oil systems.

Acrodyne Industries (Ai), a manufacturer of television broadcast transmission equipment, has installed the first Ai water-cooled depressed collector ESCIOT equipped Quantum transmitter at WNUV, the Baltimore-area WB affiliate, for its analog and digital channels.

A 60kW Quantum digital depressed collector transmitter was also installed at WBFF, the Baltimore FOX affiliate.

This installation is the industry’s first installed depressed collector IOT analog transmitter at a power rating of 240kW. The transmitter offers the water-cooled e2v ESCIOT tube in a dual use analog/digital cabinet. The transmitter system was designed around the depressed collector IOT tube for use in both analog and digital service and can be used in one or the other application in the same basic cabinet.

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