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Avot Media consumer survey pinpoints viewer complaints, desires

A consumer survey from Avot Media ferreted out some answers from 400 mobile users about their problems with mobile viewing directly after they viewed selected mobile video content. In descending order of importance, the users were most frustrated with download time (33 percent), freezing and stuttering (33 percent), and image quality (32 percent). Also cited as major obstacles were device obsolescence, limited phone or operator support, user error, and poor network coverage.

Even so, 36 percent of those surveyed expressed a strong interest in viewing a range of video mobile video content — specifically, movie trailers, how-to instructional video, and episodes of “American Idol.” Despite user concerns about mobile media quality, start-up time, costs and content choice, the study reveals that mobile video is in demand by a variety of users.

“There’s been plenty of buzz in the industry about mobile video and its possibilities and how brands can utilize them to connect with their target audience,” said DeWayne Nelon, CEO of Avot Media. “While the industry has been slower to adapt to these possibilities, these results clearly show that there is a great deal of interest for mobile video services, and the time for companies to start integrating them to their marketing campaigns is now."

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