Avid Partners with WHIO-TV to Create Media Campus

Avid announced that it is partnering with WHIO-TV—a member of Cox Media Group Ohio and a number one CBS affiliate in the U.S— to implement a variety of Avid HD news production solutions for use in WHIO-TV’s new multimedia broadcast facility scheduled to open later this year.

The new media campus will include the integration of television, radio and print news businesses, bringing them together under one roof to enhance content creation and collaboration capabilities and dramatically improve time-to-air by implementing an end-to-end production workflow from Avid.

The new Avid systems will enable Cox Media Group Ohio to share a broad range of media assets across all of its properties to create richer and more valuable news content that will be viewed by its customers over the air and online.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide greater information to viewers in a timely manner, and today with potentially millions of reporters in the coverage area using cell phones and home-style cameras, the ability to cover and deliver what’s going on is much broader than it ever has been,” said Chuck Eastman, director of engineering at WHIO-TV.

“We implemented our first Avid solutions six years ago, and, based on our goals, Avid provided the right solutions to help us integrate our media enterprise and build this new facility that represents the future of broadcast,” he said. “By upgrading our existing solutions and incorporating Interplay and Unity ISIS to share assets across our businesses, we’re looking forward to increasing collaborative workflows that will help us turn information around, get it to air and on our websites as quickly as possible.”

In December 2010, WHIO will move its existing television and radio stations, to the expanded and redesigned building with 800 employees.