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Autoscript Teleprompters, Software Drafted by Yankees

NEW YORK—To keep players and coaching staff on cue for big-screen appearances, the New York Yankees have selected teleprompting solutions from Autoscript, a divison of Vitec Videocom. The LED8TFT-M portable teleprompters and +WinPlus Studio+ software will help the franchise deliver additional entertainment to fans.

Autoscript’s eight-inch LED8TFT, which debuted during the team’s spring training, is designed for portable prompting applications. The production setup also includes Sony cameras, tripods from Sachtler and Vinten as well as Litepanels lighting.

The teleprompter incorporates a built-in tally light, tally sensor input and provides an illuminated control panel for easy viewing. The LED8TFT high-bright display is a good fit for shooting in daylight. It also features a compact size, all-metal case and an on-camera mounting system.

“We especially like the portability of the equipment, as we are often using it in the field. The LED8 gives us that flexibility,” says Michael Bonner, senior director of scoreboard & broadcasting for the Yankees. “We also wanted our players to be comfortable with the readability and the pace of the prompter to ensure clear delivery of the messages, including PSAs, welcome messages, trivia questions, etc. that ultimately end up on the big screen during home games.”

+WinPlus Studio+ is a Windows-based software package that adds the ease of "point-and-click" functionality to an on-screen edit display. The platform can provide stand-alone prompting for presentation and general production both in the studio and on location. Features include an active run order, which can be manipulated at any time during scrolling, as well as instant prompt editing. It is available with an internal peripheral component interconnect card or external box connected via USB.

“It is really simple to make a quick fix in the software,” adds Bonner. “Every now and then a player might suggest a copy change, so using the WinPlus software, we’re able to simply make the change at the player’s request, and it appears on the monitor for them just how they wanted it.”