South Australian Parliament Chooses Actus Digital for Video Clips

BRUSSELS—Journalists, members of the South Australian Parliament and their assistants have been required to be able to monitor sessions of parliament, search or create video clips. To satisfy this new requirement, Actus Digital has been installed.

The Actus system is capable of recording video streams using SDI HD cameras, allows users to monitor content and create, edit and distribute video clips. The Actus platform receives the live streams from the SDI HD cameras in low and high quality resolutions. Users can monitor live or recorded content and search for specific content from the Actus user interface. Actus can be accessed from the site or from remote locations.

The Actus Clip Factory is a tool for viewers to edit the videos, add metadata and create clips in low resolution. When the clips are ready, they can be distributed in high resolution directly from Actus to OTT, web portals, social media or other platforms. Each group of users can create and export clips to specific destinations.

The Actus Digital system was installed by Techtel Australia.