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ATTO Technology and Facilis Technology team for 4-Gb storage solution

ATTO Technology has entered into an OEM agreement with Facilis for 4-Gigabit ATTO Celerity storage adapters. Under terms of the agreement, ATTO is supplying the Celerity FC-42XS storage adapter, which is being bundled with Facilis’ new TERRABLOCK shared storage system, designed to address the HD industry.

The Celerity FC-42XS is a 4-Gigabit dual-channel Fibre Channel storage adapter offering up to 800 MB/s performance, per channel, in full-duplex mode. With the highest available Fibre Channel throughput, and backward compatibility, Celerity FC-42XS supports intensive data applications, including digital content creation, tape streaming and backup, rich content delivery and complex databases.

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