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AT&T to launch 300Mb/s fiber connections in Austin, TX, in December, 1Gb/s by middle of 2014

Austin, TX, is getting a major Internet upgrade from AT&T. The telco announced this week that it has begun deployment of a 100 percent fiber Internet broadband network in Austin that will deliver speeds up to 1Gb/s. The service is to be called AT&T U-verse with GigaPower.

AT&T said it plans to reach speeds up to 1Gb/s by mid-2014. With gigabit speeds, users can download an HD movie in less than two minutes. Customers who sign up for 300Mb/s service will upgrade to speeds up to 1Gb/s when it is available in mid-2014 at no extra cost.

The new AT&T service will also include the company’s most advanced Total Home DVR with more HD TV streams to record and watch multiple shows simultaneously plus 50GB of free cloud storage. The service will also include faster Wi-Fi speeds and the ability to schedule DVR recordings and watch TV content on more than 30 smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

AT&T said U-verse with GigaPower complements its three-year Project Velocity IP (VIP) investment plan to expand and enhance its wireless and wireline IP broadband networks to support growing customer demand for high-speed Internet access, advanced TV services and new mobile and cloud services.

This year, AT&T plans to invest about $21 billion and another $20 billion each year in 2014 and 2015 in the project.