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ATSC DTV Seminar in San Diego March 17

Gary Sgrignoli will present his next all-day seminar on the ATSC Digital VSB Transmission System in San Diego on Wednesday, March 17. Gary has presented these seminars across the country for the past several years and the topics covered by the seminar have been updated as the technology advanced. The San Diego seminar will focus on the following topics:

* NTSC and DTV: Past, present & future
* Basic data communication and modulation theory review
* Brief ATSC system overview
* ATSC VSB transmission system tutorial
* VSB lab test plan, methodology & test results
* VSB transmitter measurements, ATSC & FCC compliance
* Introduction to the FCC channel allocation factors (OET 69)
* ATSC cable carriage methodology
* ATSC repeater technology (Translators & on-channel repeaters)
* VSB field test plan, methodology & test results
* DTV receiver improvements

The seminar will take place from 8:30 AM until 5:45 PM and enrollment is limited. If you are interested in attending the seminar, reserve your seat now. For details on the location, cost, and how to register on-line, see the San Diego SBE Chapter 36 ATSC Digital VSB Transmission System Seminar Web page. Gary Sgrignoli and the San Diego SBE Chapter in conjunction with sponsors Microwave Radio, Ross Video, TV Magic, Triveni Digital, Gepco, Western Radio electronics, Agilent Technologies, and Tektronix organized the seminar. Radyne Comstream (maker of digital modulators for microwave and satellite) is hosting the seminar.

Information on future ATSC Digital VSB Transmission System seminars in other cities may be posted on the Zenith HDTV Trade shows and seminars web page. Note that this web page may not work with all browsers. On mine, attempting to go to any of the links on Zenith home page or even entering the trade shows/seminars URL directly only caused the Zenith animation and dramatic music to reload and play again. I'll also post announcements about future seminars in RF Report.