ATSC completes revisions of A/53, A/65 standards

Among the revisions are updates to A/53 Part 1, “Digital Television System.”
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The Advanced Television Systems Committee has completed major revisions of the core ATSC DTV standards, including A/53 and A/65.

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The revisions, which have been approved by the membership of ATSC, involve four parts of the standards: A/53 Part 1, “Digital Television System;” A/53 Part 3, “Service Multiplex and Transport Subsystem Characteristics;” A/53 Part 6, “Enhanced AC-3 Audio System Characteristics;” and A/65, “Program and System Information Protocol for Terrestrial Broadcast and Cable.”

ATSC also is moving forward on additional standards work, including:

  • Revision of A/90, “ATSC Data Broadcast Standard;”
  • Revision of A/153 Part 3, “Service Multiplex and Transport Subsystem Characteristics;”
  • Working Draft A/105, “Interactive Services;” and;
  • Withdrawal of A/101, “Advanced Common Application Platform” and A/102, “ACAP Service Signaling and Announcement.”