ATSC approves new transport stream verification

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) has given final approval to ATSC Recommended Practice: Transport Stream Verification (A/78).

The new Recommended Practice provides guidance to broadcasters and equipment manufacturers on a common methodology to determine transport conformance with the elements and parameters of ATSC Standards A/53, “ATSC Digital Television Standards,” and A/65, “Program and System Information Protocol for Terrestrial Broadcast and Cable.”
Mark Richer, ATSC president, said the new practice was likely to become the basis for DTV transport stream monitoring strategies.

Richard Chernock of Triveni Digital led work on A/78, within the ad-hoc group TSG-1.

An ATSC Recommended Practice is a document that states specifications or criteria within advanced TV systems that are not strictly necessary for effective implementation and interoperability, but that are thought to be advisable and may improve the efficiency of implementation or reduce the probability of implementation errors. The ATSC Recommended Practice may also specify a preferred methodology for implementation and operation.

A/78 may be downloaded from the ATSC Web site at: