ATI Offers Plug-and-Play ATSC Receiver Chip

ATI Technologies, a manufacturer of integrated circuits and cards for 3D graphics and computer displays, recently announced a single-chip solution for plug-and-play ATSC reception. The new IC, the Xilleon 210VC, contains the RF front-end, video decoding and display drivers for ATSC receivers.

Supporting the recently approved plug-and-play standard, the Xilleon 210VC is intended to be used with high-definition displays. In addition to ATSC reception, the chip is also compatible with QAM modulation used by digital cable systems. Some of its other features include a digital audio decoder, conditional access capability, and support for USB and FireWire ports.

ATI also will ship a version of the Xilleon 210VC without plug-and-play capability for cost-sensitive consumer applications.