Astros address spectrum clutter with triband fan-cam transmission

As spectrum clutter increases at sporting venues around the country, the need for consistent, dependable RF signals for stadium fan-cam use is becoming a top priority.

To avoid signal interruptions, the Houston Astros have added Nucomm’s CP2 wireless camera systemto provide reliable coverage for its 81 regular-season home games.

Used for in-game close-up shots during inning break features and pregame ceremonies on the field, the CP2 is allowing the team’s creative services department to cover the entire stadium without worrying about quality or loss of signal. The wireless camera system also lets the Astros get fan close-ups.

The compact CP2 wireless camera system is a triband-capable unit, which operates in the unlicensed 5.8GHz band as well as licensed 6.4GHz and 7.1GHz bands without the need for any system hardware changes. The system consists of the CP2 transmitter and DR2 diversity receiver.

The system supports “intelligent” block downconverters, which communicate to the DR2 receiver, to control various operating modes. By relying on the ability to block downconvert the received high-frequency signals to UHF band signals in the 150MHz to 850MHz range, the DR2 has the ability to remotely extend its antennas to 1000ft.