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Ascent Media Network Services selects Doremi Labs’ video servers

Doremi Labs’ V1-HD and MCS video servers are being utilized for time zone delay functions at the Discovery Television and Technology Center in Sterling, VA, and at Ascent Media Network Services Asia, in Singapore. Thirty-one video channels are delayed in total: 19 video channels in Virginia and 12 in Singapore.

Fifteen Doremi MCS-2r2p video servers perform time zone delay of 30 SD video channel feeds. In addition, a Doremi V1-HD server delays a single HD video feed. The V1-HD uses high-quality JPEG2000 video compression and features independent record and play operation.

The MCS-2r2p features four independent channels: two record and two playback. Each MCS-2r2p can delay two video channels. The MCS server features high quality MPEG-2 4:2:2 video compression up to 50Mb/s.

The delay operation can be set from the front panel or via serial RS-422 for remote operation. The Doremi servers installed by Ascent Media are configured with dual-redundant power supplies and external RAID 5 or internal storage. The MCS server can delay SDI, YUV, S-video or composite video and up to eight channels of audio embedded on SDI. The V1-HD delays HD-SDI video and up to eight channels of audio.

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