Apple trades Final Cut for Adobe Premiere

Apple's Final Cut Express is optimized for the DV25 format: MiniDV and DVCAM (NTSC or PAL) and features real-time audio mixing and audio effects.

When Adobe recently announced a new Windows-only version of its Premiere video editing software, Apple Macintosh users were left in the cold. Last week, at MacWorld in New York City, Apple used a bad situation to win over new customers to its own Final Cut editing software.

Anyone who owns a copy of Adobe’s Premiere can trade it in for a free copy of Apple’s Final Cut Express, a product normally priced at $299. Or, that old copy of Premiere gets a $500 discount for Final Cut Pro, reducing it to half of its retail price.

Also, Apple’s Soundtrack software (included only with Final Cut Pro in the past) is now being sold as a stand-alone product for $299. A keynote demo of Soundtrack showed how, when video producers combine multiple instrument loops in separate tracks, the Soundtrack software automatically adjusts the speed and key of each instrument so that all tracks are in sync. Soundtrack comes preloaded with over 4000 loops.

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