Anton/Bauer debuts Stasis Flex camera mount

Building on its original Stasis body support system for cameras, Anton/Bauer’s new Stasis Flex redirects the geometry of a handheld camera by redistributing its weight into the operator’s torso and over-the-shoulder.

Introduced at NAB, the design of Stasis Flex enables a cameraman to shoot in virtually any position, taking the weight off the operator’s hand, and thus relieving fatigue, and stabilizing shooting.

Stasis Flex features a patent-pending adjustable mechanism that provides the operator with complete flexibility — forward/back, in/out, and up/down.

The camera can be repositioned instantly and locked in place at the touch of a lever. It can be used as a standalone unit, with Anton/Bauer’s ElipZ System, or with the Gold Mount system, enabling use of the full array of the company’s Gold Mount batteries to extend runtime, power additional devices including lights, and provide a counterbalance to further stabilize the camera.

The Stasis Flex accommodates several peripherals, including wireless receivers, hard drives and transmitters.

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