Antenova Announces Tuneable TV Mobile Antenna

As we've been observing, the right antenna is essential for reliable DTV reception. However, the physical constraints of portable devices such as cell phones and media players make antenna design difficult. Antenova may have a solution for reception of UHF DTV broadcasts using ATSC M/H or DVB-H on hand-held devices. This week they announced the Mobile TV tunable antenna. It’s designed to tune the entire 470-860 MHz TV band, providing coverage of UHF TV bands throughout the world.

“Mobile TV is the latest feature to be integrated into mobile devices, but integration of an internal antenna remains a difficult problem to solve,” said Greg McCray, Antenova’s CEO. “Antenova’s adaptively tuned internal antenna for mobile TV is a perfect complement to low-power mobile TV solutions for CMMB, DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB and ISDB-T, such as the one offered by DiBcom with whom we have worked in developing this antenna.”

Technical information on the Mobile TV tuneable antenna had not been posted as of Thursday morning, but information on the technology behind it is available at