Android ad revenues to top $1 billion in 2012

According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Android’s mobile ad revenues of $5.90 per user in 2010 is expected to leap to $9.85 per user in 2012, in part boosted by in-app advertising. An increase in Android users will fuel much of the increased revenues; Munster believes that Android users will reach 133 million by 2012, which will equal $1.3 billion in ad revenues. That’s still just a drop in Google’s bucket, which is likely to earn revenues exceeding $31 billion in 2012. Munster added that Google’s total mobile revenue for 2010 was $850 million, with Android making up approximately16 percent, or $130 million.

Shipments of Android devices exceeded 33.3 million in 2010 Q4, which translates to a 32.9 percent share of the global smart phone market, which means a 615.1 percent leap from the previous year. During that same time, Symbian’s worldwide smart phone market share decreased from 44.4 percent to 30.6 percent, and Apple’s market share edged downward from 16.3 percent to 16 percent.