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Analysis finds media, entertainment top business segment list for CDNs

Media and entertainment represents the largest content segment under contract by content delivery networks (CDNs), accounting for 48.6 percent of the market, according to a new analysis of the market from AccuStream Research.

Part of the “CDN Operational, Account and Content Vertical Analytics 2012-2015” report, the market analysis identified professional video, digital video advertising and Internet music radio as highly penetrated CDN vertical markets.

Professional video bandwidth fees are responsible for a 35.8 percent share of the available market, including self-hosting sites, followed by user-generated content (UGC ) video at 19.6 percent, mobile video (views and advertising) at 14.8 percent and music radio/song plays at 11.7 percent.

The analysis also revealed that CDNs raised contract revenue 18.3 percent last year, to $2.28 billion, as value-added services in addition to core bandwidth provision for large video accounts.