Al-Watan TV to deploy tapeless HD newsroom

Al-Watan Television in Kuwait City, Kuwait, will deploy nearly 20 Dalet workstations as part of a new plan made public this week that specifies the Dalet News Suite as its tapeless newsroom and production system.

Due to be launched later in 2008, Al-Watan TV will the first tapeless HD channel in Kuwait, according to Al-Watan TV CTO Ihab El Baba. The Dalet News Suite will be used with Al-Watan TV’s Apple Final Cut Pro edit suites and Omneon playout servers.

The Dalet News Suite platform will provide a fully integrated newsroom and tapeless news production system. From their Dalet News Suite workstations, journalists and producers will be able to review incoming agency wire stories, browse available video feeds, script rundowns and make shot selections.

HD packages will be put together using a combination of Dalet and Apple Final Cut Pro editing tools. Gallery automation will be streamlined via Dalet News Suite’s native integration with Omneon playout servers and a Dalet MOS gateway to a WASP3D template-based, real-time CG engine.