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Alcatel-Lucent helps Percept Knorigin deliver digital entertainment in India

Indian digital media company Percept Knorigin(PK) is extending its existing web and mobile entertainment service with the help of Alcatel-Lucent’s Digital Media Store, which it makes it easier to distribute applications and multimedia content across any network to any connected device, PC, mobile phone or TV. PK will use Alcatel-Lucent's Digital Media Store to enhance its Web and mobile entertainment service, which is offered to consumers through partnerships with telecom service providers such as BSNL, MTNL and Airtel.

PK hopes the move will help it tap the full potential of India's mobile TV market, since it already has content to suit the country's different cultural groups, ranging from Hindi movies to regional-language spectacles and live TV. PK's services are already expanding rapidly, with three fold growth last year, but this has exposed the need for a robust digital media platform that can meet the demanding requirements of mobile and Web service providers.

The move will also enable the mobile operators offering PK services to establish customized and personalized storefronts and portals, supported by merchandizing tools that include the ability to cross-recommend and cross-sell content based on subscriber interests and buying behaviour. A further important aim given India's high level of piracy is to reduce content pilfering through the use of DRMs included in the Alcatel-Lucent platform.