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AKG USA extends 700MHz rebate program

In a move that provides end users with greater access to its latest wireless products and improves service to its existing customers, AKG has extended its 700MHz rebate program an additional three months, now ending on Sept. 30. The program allows owners to trade in any make of old 700MHz wireless products and receive a cash rebate following the purchase of a new FCC-compliant wireless system, or components that comprise a system, from AKG. All wireless systems operating within the 698-806MHz frequency range have been illegal to operate since June 12.

The program extends to any level of any manufacturer’s 700MHz wireless products as a trade-in against the rebate amount of a new AKG wireless system, and users can group components together to assemble their own eligible wireless system. Along with the WMS40 Pro, WMS40 Pro Dual, WMS40 Pro Flexx and WMS450 systems, users can group either the SR4500 single-channel receiver or DSR 700 two-channel digital receivers with the PT4500, HT4500, DPT700 or DHT700 transmitters. The purchase must include at least one receiver and one transmitter. Additional transmitter rebates may be offered if the transmitter purchases were made in connection with the receiver purchase, and there is a corresponding trade in transmitter for every transmitter-rebate request.

“After seeing the positive effect that our rebate program has had on our customer’s ability to upgrade their systems, we decided that everyone would be better served if it was extended,” said Joseph Wagoner, AKG wireless product manager. “We’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service, even after they have purchased our equipment, and extending this program allows us to provide them with exactly that.”

The program is accessed by logging onto AKG’s website, clicking on the USA logo and following the links to the rebate documents. Once accessed, users must fill out the documents according to the products they are trading in and submit them along with the trade-in unit, the original UPC label from the new product and a copy of the purchase receipt. The program allows users to receive a rebate of up to $500 on the purchase of a new system and up to $750 on the purchase of a combo system.