AJA Joins SRT Alliance

(Image credit: AJA)

GRASS VALLEY, Calif.—AJA Video Systems has announced that it is joining the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Alliance, part of what AJA says is its mission to meet customer demand for secure, reliable streaming video pipelines.

The SRT Alliance is an open-source initiative that seeks to overcome the challenges of low-latency video streaming. As a member, AJA plans to explore how it can improve streaming offerings by integrating the open source technology into its products.

This includes the latest AJA product, Bridge Live, a multichannel live video encoding, decoding, streaming and transcoding platform. Bridge Live is a platform for live video streaming to a range of content delivery platforms with support for SRT and other protocols. It can deliver different streaming protocols and packages with ad markers, closed captions, back-hauling broadcast signals, OTT, transcoding and more.

“SRT and the SRT Alliance are more relevant than ever, as organizations, businesses and institutions around the world have embraced remote working and production in 2020,” said Nick Rashby, president of AJA. “Connecting with employees, customers, students and other audiences on a global scale via video requires a secure and reliable transport mechanism, which is why we’ve built SRT support into Bridge Live.”

Haivision founded the SRT Alliance in 2017, and the organization now has more than 400 member companies. For more information, visit www.srtalliance.org.