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ahc Post rocks with Leitch VelocityHD

UK HD facility ahc Post recently delivered three commercials for UK rock and pop station Virgin Radio.

The three pieces, produced by TENFOUR Media for “The Music We Love” campaign, were shot in HD and edited on the Leitch Technology VelocityHD at ahc Post.

Each commercial shows someone who appears, at first glance, to be playing in a stylized music video. When another person passes across the frame, the scene changes, and the supposed rock legend is revealed to be an ordinary individual in an everyday environment who has been transported by Virgin Radio.

For budgetary and creative reasons, the decision was made to shoot in HD, prompting TENFOUR Media to approach Leitch to consult on various issues surrounding HD post-production. Leitch's HD editing system, VelocityHD, was already installed at ahc Post. The facility is well known for its HD work. Credits include a wide range of projects comprising of documentaries, commercials and features.

VelocityHD combines the Altitude hardware platform with the Velocity software interface, and features full-quality, online playback of two HD video streams, two dynamic HD graphics streams and real-time HD transitions and effects, including color correction, speed changes and optional 3-D DVE.

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